Sunday, April 25, 2010


A vampire in a city of vampires with decorative dishevelment even of the buildings around you. The black lace and white lace of balcony garters. A city that was to be seen by candlelight swimming in the mud and the rain and the river. You over there with that damned hair that could be Bacchus or some High Victorian dandy absorbing two and a half centuries of moans in the orchid roots of your damp curls. There's jazz and glitter under your fingernails when you scratch your chin.  You should have slept before dawn but it never gets quiet enough in New Orleans and you know that the dead here have more deluxe rooms because you saw them but the locks are all on the wrong side of the doors.  It's a madhouse here.

You order a bourbon because of the streetsign but you're still waiting to get back under the swamp, away from becoming coal, away from compressing yourself into diamonds in that city.  That dream exists in geologic time like you and right now it's hot with that swamp gas candlepower and she pours you that sixth one and then it just Feels Better.  The alcohol makes slop in that black river soil of your brainpan and the roots of jazz and the blues hang down deep in that bayou slime and they draw that swamp voice up.  Rising slow and cracking the plaster on the walls... because that's just how it works... moisture like the saxophone... like the singer's voice as she feels the whore blues sliding up her thighs.  Nothing is immune to the sex and ravages because it's the voice of the goddamn muck they tried to tame and the best you'll ever do is sing backup with all the golden flies and the peeling flocked wallpaper and the lillyflowers that French this place up.

And this is how I find you late at night curled in a rented bed and you are passed out and don't feel me as I bend down and put my ear to your ear and like a shell gives back the sound of the sea I can hear in your skull the sex noises of mud. We are a slatternly old bayou of legs and foliage and masks and beads and sequins and wonder and shutters and arms and rain and moss. I haven't seen you for ages... but darling, we have always lived here.